September 4, 2008

Battle Over Constitutional Theories in the 2008 Elections

Phyllis Schlafly of EagleForum.Org, has helped many become aware of the re-writing of the US Constitution by judges via her book The Supremacists The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It. Phyllis clearly shows us how judges undermind US sovereignty, promote pornography, censor acknowledgment of God, interfer with elections, grow judicial supremacy and more. While visiting EagleForum, I ran across an excellent article regarding constitutional theories by Virginia Armstrong. It is well worth reading. I have started the article here for you.
(However, after you have read the entire article, come back to this site and consider the following:
In the days of sixteenth and seventeenth century Kings, the King wrote the law, interpreted the law and judged the people. His decision was final and unquestionable.
The Reconstructionists want to act very much like a King when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. As I recall, we came to this country to relieve ourselves of the burdens imposed on the people by various European Kings, not the least of which was King George III of England.
All of the lands of the Earth, are already claimed by somebody. So there is no "New World" to escape to. If we want justice, accordingly to the Constitution, we have to adopt the Constitutionalists interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. To adopt the Reconstructionists point of view is the equivalent of returning to the law of the Kings.)


The Battle over Constitutional Theories in the 2008 Elections

By Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D., National Chairman

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court (1902-1932), declared that, "Theory is the most important part of the dogma of the law, as the architect is the most important man who takes part in the building of a house." The theories that Supreme Court justices espouse produce the egregious decisions and doctrines of Reconstructionist cases, including the Roe and Casey decisions which we have been analyzing for several months.

Talking Points
Reconstructionist constitutional theory diametrically opposes Constitutionalist constitutional theory; and we must understand these theories in order to evaluate adequately, not only judicial decisions, but the theories held by candidates in the 2008 elections. Questions of constitutional theories have permeated, not just American law, but American culture in general. Therefore, all patriots need at least a cursory understanding of the opposing constitutional theories in today's Culture War. Three very broad and fundamental issues divide Constitutionalists from Reconstructionists. We shall summarize the three issues and then offer a view of the advocates of each theory concerning these issues.

To continue just click on the highlighted link "Battle Over Constitution...." above.

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JULY 4 - Time For Tea

The American people came out on July 4 to protest high taxes and run-a-way government spending. From 11:00 till 2:00 p.m., citizens of Ventura, CA came out to show their support for less taxes and less government interference. As a spectator and one who attended the first Ventura Tea Party, I would say we doubled the turnout of patriots.

All across the country the signs, flags and banners that were carried at the tea parties showed the position that the American people are taking toward its government. They are mad and they are not going to take it anymore!