December 19, 2008

What Saith You?

THINK, think, think and share!

This post is for all relatively new bloggers and especially bloggers new to developing their affiliate marketing program. I want to hear from you. I would like to engage in a conversation of what works and what doesn't. I believe it would be beneficial to have you share your opinions about various affiliate programs (be nice), their differences, why you prefer one over the other; how you're working them into your blog site or Web page; and, if are you trying to break into the article writing market as well.

I know there are a lot of experience blogging guru's out on the Internet, many whom are willing to help, and I have my favorites as you do. But sometimes their blog can seem overwhelming and even too technical. I believe we beginners can really benefit from each other, support each other's work, help develope each others niche or find it, while still keeping the flames of excitement burning. So, I invite you newbies to come aboard and speak up. This also is a good time to put your blogging skills to work, especially for you shy ones.


Robin said...

I haven't come across any that really work. And those gurus always want you to pay for their help, and most of their ideas aren't very ethical. I would rather have an honest program an a legit website than some get rich quick scheme that will get you tossed off the Internet. Google AdSense is a good one if people would actually click on the ads when they exit your site. But its not like you can say hey exit via a google add. LOL

Sandy22 said...

Robin, thanks for your response. I use Adsense, but I don't use it enough and certainly haven't made any money. I have tried to concentrate on CJ (Commission Junction)and Linkshare. I did get an email from CJ saying that if I didn't sale more they would have to cancel my contract. Funny thing is I had just made a sale. It is bad enough that many of these affiliate organizations don't pay revenues until you have reached say $100, or $50 depending how you take your monies. I am not so sure why they were so "t'd" that I did't do more. I have put a lot of work into utilizing their widgets on my Squidoo lenses and my Web site. It is difficult starting out. I had only been with CJ for 6 or 7 months, I believe, but didn't get any sales till late in the year. I just started doing good and they want to ax me.

Right now I am utilizing Big Crumbs and have done some of my own Christmas shopping. I like the fact that you can shop at one location and use PayPal to pay (most of their sites).

I stopped by to visit your Jewelry site, very impressive. I wish I could have ran into it earlier. I am short in my account now to make any purchases now, but I will be back.

I do benefit from visiting other sites to see how people organize their site and how they blend their advertising with their blogs topic.

Have you had any experience with pay-per-click? Also, are you participating in Squidoo? I have made some money on Squidoo and got excited when I saw the money go into my PayPal account.

Look forward to more of your comments and send traffic, if you feel moved, this way.

Thanks again, Sandy.

Robin said...

I have tried pay per click to advertise my website, but spend way more than I have ever brought in. The key is to get the natural search results, however getting to the first page takes time and money. I have also tried paying for email advertising. These companies will send out (so they say) a million or more emails, but you may only get a few thousand clicks, never have I gotten a sale that way. I have never heard of Big Crumbs. I am signed up with share a sale but have not made anything yet. Gotta have the traffic, need back links but the link farms don't count. The best way so I have read is writing and publishing articles that people will copy to their sites but you have to put your link in the first sentence. But, I don't find that to be a natural talent, I can speak the words just fine, but find it hard to put in text. Another one you may want to check out is click bank its all downloads but again traffic is the key!

Sandy22 said...

Hi Robin,
Sorry I am so late getting back (Christmas and was sick). I have a question. What are back link farms?

I want to recommend you go to my site and click on "Link Referral". It is about half way down my page. It is free to join. You agree to review web sites and rate them. In turn, you will have your site featured and reviewed. This will hopefully get you some traffic. I have had several reviews and some visits to my site. Nothing to loose in trying.

Any experience with I signed up a while back but had difficulty getting it to accept a password. It is a free link exchange. Let me know if you have any luck with it.

Hope all went well with your Christmas. Ours was wonderful.


Eamon said...

I use Adsense. Want to monetize my blog in other ways but not too sure how at moment.

Sandy22 said...

Eamon, Thanks for joining us.
I have a few Adsense ad on my blog and recently have been trying Pepperjam, which is like Link Share and Commission Junction. I do believe I added them too late in the year (Christmas season) to make a significant difference. You might want to check them out.

Are you experiencing any payment from Adsense?? I will visit your site to see what ads are showing.

Vivek Barun said...

oh yes, all beginners should support each others.
i have started following your blog now.
i can see even you have got pagerank1.
how about a link exchange.
i put u up in my blogroll, u put me up in yours.
see more backlinks is the holy grail for any blog to be successful.
i hope your blog is a dofollow.
take care, keep visiting..

Sandy22 said...


Thanks for your visit and comments. You will find your Web page noted on my "They Get You Thinking".

Best luck to both of us. Thanks.

Robin said...

Sandy, a link farm is where you join and post your site, you either request an exchange or someone else will request an exchange . Problem is google and the likes are on to this. Anyone you link to and they link back it kinda cancels each other out. I'm not sure if it works the same way with blogs or not. And you just can't link to anyone, it has to be relevant to your site, fashion to fashion or camera to camera that type of thing. I see you snagged your self some earrings, they are really nice, I think you'll like them.


Robin said...

Hey, I forgot to mention, if your really serious about this you need to check this out on squidoo, its great and full of information and ideas. After I read this one, this is the one I made I had a tuff time choosing because I like a lot of things but I'm a master at nothing. On and tell eamon to sign up for some affiliate programs pick some related items to his blog and post the banners, (you got me thinking about this one) And ViVek just to let you know I'm over the $75 mark with adsense waiting on the $100 mark to get a check but its taken me 5 months so far to get there. Traffic is the key.

Sandy22 said...

Thanks for your responses Robin.

I will check out the Squidoo sites that you referred. Also, I am going to reexamine my postings of Adsense and see if I can do better. Congrad's to you with your success.

Thanks for the information regarding links. There are so many program out there, it is hard to know which way to go. Are you familiar with Blue Surf? It is a site that you sign up for reviewing other sites and you are rewarded with points. Points can be used to by referrals, I believe, but I am not to sure I want to stay with it. Some site are repetitive in the review process and you just surf, click and surf. Get's a little old after a while.

Thanks again for your comments.

SolarGoddess said...

Hi Guys,

I have been in online marketing for a number of years now and I just recently quit my job (it wasn't a very good job anyway) lol.

I just started a blog a few days ago and I am using it primarily to sell a single book at Clickbank. Sales are going well and I am hoping that once I figure out RSS, my blog will only help.

I can recommend a few programs that I use to get money, sales, and a list but I'm not sure if that is what this forum is for.

I do not belong to any mlm programs because I have never had any faith in them and I have always known that my money would be made through my efforts alone. I'm not big on depending on recruiting others for my income.

I do sell a book that would be very helpful to any newbie who wants it. Just email me and I will send it at no charge. and I promise you won't go on any list. lol

I like what you have started here Sandy, I'll visit often.

Anything I can do to help anyone, just let me know.

Sandy22 said...

Hi Solargoddess,

Thanks for joining the discussion on my blog. Did you stumble this way via "Link Referral"? I did go out a look at your site...very nice.

So, you have an e-book? What is it about? If it is free to review, then I would consider it. I am at

Would you be willing to share your experience with "Clickbank"?

Sandy22 said...

Hi Robin,

Well, we haven't spoke for a while. I have something I would like you to look at. I ran across this organization and thought I might get some opinions from folks who have been on the Internet sometime. This comes with a interesting approach but, if it is "real" it could turn out to be something big.

Go to:

You will see the site and listen to a very short video. The video really doesn't give you much information. I is free and you get a lot more information. I figure if I don't like what I see I can always dump it. The thing that attracted me was the "shares" you acquire. I spite of the economy, I do believe our country to going to "come back" to its old self some day.

So please give it a try and let me know what you think?


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