January 8, 2009


Send Al Franken to Washington? What is going on in our Country?

According the the Wall Street Journal of January 5, there is funny business going on in Minnesota. One minutes Al Franken is behind 215 votes and then he is ahead 225. Once he was a man who wanted to count every vote, now he doesn't. It was mentioned that under Minnesota law, election officials are required to make a duplicate ballot if the original is damaged during Election Night counting. I can see a few damaged ballots here and there. But what is going on when a large portion of precincts have the same problem to the point of such large double counting. Why 25 precincts having more ballots than voters? Can't those working the polls COUNT? Or, do we have voter fraud?

Why does there appear to be a problem with so many candidates? Can't we find any honest people to run for office? And Obama is in favor of Al Franken. According to Obama, he along with Biden and Franken will make a great team for the change this country needs. I see disaster; the kind you see if you watch a The 3 Stooges movie.


O Pechanga said...

Can Minnesotans really be proud of themselves?

Jesse Ventura
Keith Ellison
now Stuart Smalley?

Sandy22 said...

Welcome! I like your list. I guess every state has its problems. Between the registration/voter fraud and the misrepresentatiion of using tax payers' money, what state is clean?

Maybe these folks (list above) feel that government is such a "joke" of late and that's why they qualify. If our Founding Fathers could see us now....shame.

Daryo Tabayani Siampa said...

Happy new year from Toraja. Nice blog. Link Exchange ya. Good Luck.

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