March 31, 2009

There's A Tea Party Brewing!

Americans are tead!

Are you fed up with high taxes, 3.6 trillion budget, mismanaged government, tax cheats; well, maybe it is time for another tea party. Remember the one in 1773? You may have read about it when you were in school; the Boston Tea Party. Then again, maybe not. Let me refresh your memory. A group of colonist in Boston were showing their protest against the British government. On December 16, (just happens to be my wedding anniversary) after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor. Well, we probably don't want to go to a harbor and dump tea, but sending a few "tags" from tea bags to Washington, D.C., might be good for starters! Don't send the whole bag as it probably will not make it past security! Now, if you're not sure this applies to you, then you might want to listen to Thomas Paine. You remember Thomas Paine don't you? He was fighting for what he believed in.

On April 15, you can join your fellow Americans at Tax Day Tea Parties across the nation to say no to the Obama budget and no to big government. Check out the following Web site for a location near you: Tea Party

March 25, 2009


Are you following what is going on with the power seekers?
Geithner and Bernanke calling for greater government control - to seize failing companies. Who gives these guys the authority to move in on failing non-banking financial companies.

You know folks, it is one thing to lose your house, your car to the IRS/FBI, especially if you're in the business of dealing drugs or ? Maybe it is a necessary function of the government to help break illegal organizations feeding on the American citizens. But, when the government feels it is their right to take over failing businesses.....woe folks. We can't let this happen. We are losing our independence, our freedom, our country. I hope you will join me and write your Representatives in Washington and let them know this is un-American, and un-Constitutional!

This great country was built by people who loved (see WallBuilders) American and who worked hard and died for her. It is still that country today. Is this the legacy we want to leave behind? It is never to late to participate in letting Washington and Congress know how you feel about the damage being done to our country.

Barney Frank - Really!

Wow! Barney Frank requesting that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives not receive bonuses and that they rescind any issued and that no new bonuses be issued in the near future? Does that include any bonuses possibly issued to himself?? One point for Barney.


Not sure if this could be an "April 1" joke or not. Check out the article at:


March 4, 2009

Read The Bill Congress. Is That To Much To Ask.

Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is committed to helping citizens, bloggers and journalists be their own best congressional watchdogs, by improving access to existing information and digitizing new information, and by creating new tools and Web sites to enable all of us to collaborate in fostering greater transparency.

Enjoy the video...but do check out their web site. Current news on the economy and the actions of Congress.

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JULY 4 - Time For Tea

The American people came out on July 4 to protest high taxes and run-a-way government spending. From 11:00 till 2:00 p.m., citizens of Ventura, CA came out to show their support for less taxes and less government interference. As a spectator and one who attended the first Ventura Tea Party, I would say we doubled the turnout of patriots.

All across the country the signs, flags and banners that were carried at the tea parties showed the position that the American people are taking toward its government. They are mad and they are not going to take it anymore!