November 18, 2009

New Health Care In Action!

I find it very interesting that we are now being told (by a government task force) that most women do not need mammograms every year and that breast self-exams do no good! We have either been lied to all these years by The American Cancer Society and other agencies or we are now being prepared for the "new health care" guidelines. Personally, as a female, I am going to continue to listen to my doctor and the American Cancer Society.

It seems that breast cancer specialists are denouncing the new recommendations and warning that they could undermine detecting and treating cancer early. Some of us know women who acquired cancer prior to age 40 and it was detected early due to the annual screenings.

The government task force is very defensive about its new recommendations, as reported in the Chicago Tribune: "No one is saying that women should not be screened in their 40s," said Dr. Diana Petitti, vice chair of the task force. "We're saying there needs to be a discussion between women and their doctors."

Good heavens, don't they think we ever talk to our doctors? How belittling to us and to the medical profession.

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Riyan said...

We are being confused because of lack of communication. The Government should acknowledge us proper news otherwise new implementation will be lost in vain. This is total reckless attitude from the Govt. if they asserted such a statement.

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