December 19, 2008

What Saith You?

THINK, think, think and share!

This post is for all relatively new bloggers and especially bloggers new to developing their affiliate marketing program. I want to hear from you. I would like to engage in a conversation of what works and what doesn't. I believe it would be beneficial to have you share your opinions about various affiliate programs (be nice), their differences, why you prefer one over the other; how you're working them into your blog site or Web page; and, if are you trying to break into the article writing market as well.

I know there are a lot of experience blogging guru's out on the Internet, many whom are willing to help, and I have my favorites as you do. But sometimes their blog can seem overwhelming and even too technical. I believe we beginners can really benefit from each other, support each other's work, help develope each others niche or find it, while still keeping the flames of excitement burning. So, I invite you newbies to come aboard and speak up. This also is a good time to put your blogging skills to work, especially for you shy ones.

December 15, 2008

Looking To Become A Giant Squid.

Do you know about Squidoo? If you like to write, creating lenses is a fun way to go and you can earn some extra cash as well. You can use them to promote a book, product or unique idea.

This lens has been established so that my friends and family can easily find my lenses. It is a quick review as to my accomplishments. It will help me to have an "at a glance" review of the variety and hopefully keep me motivated toward trying new topics.

I have decided to have fun with lenses first and then be concerned secondly about the success of my lenses. I am planning on using Sandy's Lenses as a palette for setting up ideas for future lenses as well. I am not sure about other lensmasters, but I have to write my ideas down and right now they are in a couple of places. At Sandy's Lenses, I will be able to just stop by, open a write/text module and put down my ideas.

So stop by and visit, Squidoo especially other squids......happy to see you.

November 14, 2008

Christmas Fun and Shopping for 2008

Well, Christmas is approaching us and it seems like it is coming at a faster pace this year for me. Given the state of the economy, I am sure folks will be looking for the best buys and may even be doing more on-line shopping. My web page, Christmas Fun and Shopping for 2008, has been designed to meet the needs of those who want to shop on-line as well as have some fun while doing so. I have also tried to identify those businesses that offer Pay Pal services in addition to credit cards. So, grab a cup of coffee and have some fun while you shop for the holidays. And remember, if you shop from home you probably won't feel like dropping from shopping.

November 3, 2008

Obama Has Links to ANOTHER '60s Radical

The connection to radicalism never seems to end for Obama. See what has to say about his connection to Marilyn Katz, student radical from the 1960s, but who was principal organizer of the October 2002 anti-war demonstration in Chicago where Obama first expressed his opposition to the looming Iraq war.

Obama Has Links to ANOTHER '60s Radical

Barack Obama has consistently sought to distance himself from former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. But it’s a different story with another student radical from the 1960s — Marilyn Katz — who is actually on Obama’s fundraising team.

Katz, a public relations executive in Chicago, serves on Obama’s national finance committee. She is listed as a fundraising “bundler” on his Web site, has hosted fundraisers for the candidate, and attended the Democratic Convention as part of the Illinois delegation.

But during the violent protests of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Katz was the security chief for the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which spawned Ayers and the Weather Underground.

During those protests, Katz advocated throwing studded nails in front of police cars, the Chicago Tribune reported.

In 1969, an undercover policeman named William Frapolly testified at the “Chicago Seven” trials, and prosecutors asked him to describe his collaboration with organizers of the protest the previous year.

He testified that one night in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Katz briefed a group of protesters on the use of “guerilla nails.”

“She had two types,” he told the court.

“One was a cluster of nails that were sharpened at both ends, and they were fastened in the center. It looked like they were welded or soldered. She said these were good for throwing or putting underneath tires.

“She showed another set that was the same type of nails sharpened at both ends, but they were put through a Styrofoam cylinder.”

A prosecutor asked, “To whom was she showing these objects?”

Frapolly answered, “Everyone in the group.”

Katz was a principal organizer of the October 2002 anti-war demonstration in Chicago where Obama first expressed his opposition to the looming Iraq war.

In 2005, she co-authored the book “Stopping War, Seeking Justice” along with longtime Marxist and Obama supporter Carl Davidson.

Now she is co-chair of Chicagoans Against War & Injustice, and her public relations firm is working on contracts with the city of Chicago worth millions of dollars. She lists as her clients the city’s housing authority, law department, and departments of housing, human services, streets and sanitation, and public health, among others.

As for her relationship with Ayers, who admitted helping to bomb the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon in the 1970s, the Tribune reported that she has said, “Bill and I were in different parts of SDS. We disagreed on tactics.”

Guy Benson wrote on about Obama’s Katz connection: “There are so many objectionable figures in Obama’s social milieu, new revelations about yet another garden variety radical may elicit shrugs at this point . . .

“Perhaps it follows that someone who preferred lobbing guerilla nails at police over planting pipe bombs in federal buildings would be integrated into Obama’s official campaign apparatus without so much as a second look.”

October 31, 2008


It appears that Obama is getting ready to prepare his supporters with a dose of reality! According to Tim Reid, The Times of London, "Barack Obama's senior advisers have drawn up plans to lower expectations for his presidency if he wins next week's election, amid concerns that many of his euphoric supporters are harboring unrealistic hopes of what he can achieve.

The sudden financial crisis and the prospect of a deep and painful recession have increased the urgency inside the Obama team to bring people down to earth, after a campaign in which his soaring rhetoric and promises of "hope" and "change" are now confronted with the reality of a stricken economy."

Are we conservatives surprised? No. The hand writing was on the wall. Barack Obama has and still is very good at "stretching or distorting" what isn't. Promise them anything as long as they are willing to hear it and buy into it! Notice what the quote above says, "...drawing up plans to lower expectations for his presidency if he wins..." Another "let's not give them too much bad truth now but wait until I've got the position locked in." Folks, this is the true colors of Barack Obama.

We all have expectations. The dictionary states that the word expectation means: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. However, along with expectations we must weigh it against reality. Obama's expectations have over shot reality with too much hype. The reality is that there is not enough money to do all the things Obama has told the American people he will do. And, he told them this knowingly. Simple as that. Now, once again, he wants to change his "speech and his direction" so people will more likely accept the truth when it hits them after the election. He is for change alright. He is for changing his story to fit his need.

Wake up America.

October 26, 2008

Bill Ayers' 'gay' agenda for your kids

BOO! Holloween is coming but this is even scarier! If Barack Obama is elected President next week, the following scenario could knock your socks off. Read the following article below before you vote.

World Net Daily

Posted: October 13, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

By Linda Harvey
© 2008

Editor's warning: Some readers may take offense to graphic content in this column.

About eight years ago, while researching the astonishing rise of homosexual-positive programs and curricula in schools, I came across a book called "Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling" by William J. Letts IV and James T. Sears.

It's a collection of essays by radicals in the teaching profession, who believe adults and small children must be taught to "think queerly." The book's foreword was written by Kevin Jennings, then president of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, whose core mission is to convince as many troubled kids as possible to declare themselves homosexual and start "gay" clubs in their schools, assisted by activist on-site teachers and the ACLU, and unopposed by clueless school boards.

What jumped off the back cover of this book was the name of one of its endorsers: William Ayers of the University of Illinois at Chicago. I remembered Bill Ayers' name from the 60s bomb-throwing group, the Weathermen. At the time, that was all his name meant to me.

To continue this article, click on "Bill Ayers' 'gay' agenda for your kids" above.

Bill Ayers's Scary Plans for Public Schools

FOLKS.......MORE SCARY INDOCTRINATION TACTICS.....Please read this article before you vote!

By:Phyllis Schlafly @ EagleForum.Org

Will William Ayers be Secretary of Education in a Barack Obama Administration? All parents should ponder that possibility before making their choice for President on November 4.

After all, Ayers is a friend of Obama, and Professor Ayers's expertise is training teachers and developing public school curriculum. That's been his mission since he gave up planting bombs in government buildings (including the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon) and assaulting police officers.

Ayers brashly admitted that he was "guilty as hell" in planting bombs in the 1970s, and that he has no regrets and feels that he and his Weather Underground associates "didn't do enough." After successfully avoiding trial and prison because of legal technicalities, he picked up his Ph.D. at Columbia Teachers College for a second career, landing a tenured job as Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Ayers's political views are as radical now as they were in the 1970s. "Viva President Chavez!" he exclaimed in a speech in Venezuela in 2006, in which he also declared, "education is the motor-force of revolution."

From his prestigious and safe university position, Ayers has been teaching teachers and students in rebellion against American capitalism and what he calls "imperialism" and "oppression." The code words for the Ayers curriculum are "social justice," a "transformative" vision, "critical pedagogy," "liberation," "capitalist injustices," "critical race theory," "queer theory," and of course multiculturalism and feminism.

For the rest of the article, Click on "Bii Ayers's Scary Plan" above.

October 17, 2008

Why The Left Can't Get It Right

Once in a while you come across an article that you must share and this one from Mark Alexander is such an article. Mark is executive editor and publisher of The Patriot Post, the Web's "Conservative Journal of Record". He talks about why people select certain candidates or issues, pointing out an interesting analogy as to whether you are making a choice as a liberal or conservation. It seems some "feel" their way to ideas or principles and some "think" their way. How do you make your selection? And, if you should be a liberal, well, sorry. Enjoy the read.

Mark Alexander
From Patriot Post Vol. 08 No. 29; Published 18 July 2008

"If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of sobriety and true republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honour of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation." --Samuel Adams

Ask liberals about some manifestation of their worldview -- for example, why they support charlatans like Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Albert Arnold Gore, John Forbes Kerry, et al., and they often predicate their response with, "Because I feel..."

Ask conservatives about what they believe, or why they do or don't support John McCain, and they invariably predicates their response with, "Because I think..."

It has always been easier to "feel" rather than "think," and that is why our national culture, and by extension, national politics (see Democrat Party Platforms) reflect only the most rudimentary remnants of the guiding principles established by our Founders. Of course, though Republican Party Platforms are more consistent with our Founding principles, Ronald Reagan was the last Republican president to stand firmly in support of those principles.

Click on "Why The Left Can't Get It Right" above to read the rest of the article.

October 14, 2008


WAKE UP AMERICA. Voters out there on Main Street, we need to call our individual Secretary of State officials to ensure the appropriate steps are being taken to stop voter registration by ACORN until a complete investigation is held. Too much is at risk. We also need to contact our elected officials and tell them to take the necessary steps to stop any and all funding that is going to ACORN and its affiliates. Not only is taxpayer money going down the drain, our election may being following. This is an outrage and we must act now! Click on the link above, "Will Acorn Take The Election?" for more information.

October 9, 2008


This year seems to be the year for political tragedies. Americans had to accept the "bailout" from Congress, however, not by its own standards but with "earmarks"! And, if that's not enough to frost your banana, add the excitement of voter fraud. Over the years I have seen some articles and few news reports about voter fraud, but nothing like this year...WOW! There are folks out on the Internet that say there is very little to it. They are not watching or reading the same news I am.

Things are a little squirrely for me. The ACORN group is at it again. They are stiring up "voter fraud" news in about ten states across the nation. And if that is not enough, there is the linking of Obama with ACORN and linking ACORN with Fannie and Freddie. It seems that there is enough talk for investigation, I believe, since ACORN receives money from us generous taxpayers.

Please click on "Voter Fraud" above for more details.

September 26, 2008

Listening To History

Do we ever learn from history? There is a lot of "meat" in many of the quotes that were handed down from our previous leaders and fellow Americans. Take a look at what Jefferson said.

“To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” —Thomas Jefferson

For more words of wisdom, I believe you will enjoy reading Wednesdays, The Patriot Post, Vol. 08 No. 39 . Click on the link above: Listening To History.

September 25, 2008


"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism,
but under the name of liberalism
they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program
until one day America will be a socialist nation
without ever knowing how it happened----"

Norman Thomas (11/20/1884 to 12/19/1968), six-time Socialist Party presidential candidate and one of the founders of the National Civil Liberties Bureau (the precursor of the American Civil Liberties Union).

FOLKS.....please be informed. Click on "Quote of the Day" heading above and learn more about what is happening to our beloved country.

$700 Billion Rescue?

When they say $700 Billion.....take it with a grain of salt. Remember the National Debt? The clock says around 9 Trillion. Of course most of us know it is closer to 53 Trillion. So, is it possible they under estimated? Sure, or is it just another lie?

It seems the Democrats are pushing for earmark$ again. In an Yahoo news article by Julie Hirschfelt Davis, associated press writer, "Democrats are pushing to allow bankruptcy judges to rewrite mortgages to ease the burden on consumers who are facing foreclosure — a nonstarter for Republicans." Do they want to encourage more abuse?

She continues to say, "Democrats also want any potential proceeds the government reaps from the bailout to go to a fund designed to pay for housing for poor families. Many Republicans oppose the very existence of the fund, which they say is a backdoor means of funneling money to liberal political groups." It seems like the Democrats just can't keep from re-allocating other people's money. And they wonder why We the People are "up in arms" about this. I feel the Federal Government is too quick to push for a "solution" to an extremely big problem. I also believe most Americans feel that congress is going to screw this up no matter what the out come is. How can We the People be sure the money will be used appropriately.....since it hasn't been in the past?

September 24, 2008

ACLU Hits RI Governor With Lawsuit on Immigration.

Once again, the ACLU is usurping its authority by filing legal action to block RI governor from doing his job to protect his state from the stresses and strains that illegal immigration is causing.  It appears the state needs help not punishment (lawsuit causing dollars back to the ACLU). Shouldn't the ACLU be going after the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security?  To read the story as reported by The Associated Press, click on: ACLU Hits RI Governor With Lawsuit on Immigration above.

September 22, 2008

Sneaky Speaker Pelosi

HEADS UP FOLKS! Excellent article - besure you check out the "Resources By Distance" chart in the articles.

(From The Center of Individual Freedom web site)

More political games designed to dupe the American people! Increased prices at the pump! More dependence on oil from Iran, Venezuela and other foreign countries that HATE America!That basically sums up Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cohorts’ plan to address our nation’s energy crisis.

Indeed, leave it to the Pelosi Politburo to pass a bill, literally in the dark of night, that EFFECTIVELY PROHIBITS domestic drilling and then try to sell the legislation to the American people as a measure that opens up domestic drilling!In case you missed it, here's the play by play on Pelosi’s energy “hoax”:

Get the rest of the story - click on "Sneaky Speaker Pelosi" above.

September 17, 2008

Judicial Supremacy

(Today, September 17, marks the 221st anniversary of the Constitution's signing by our nation's Founders. We need to respect and preserve it!)

There are three branches of government contained within The US Constitution: legislative, executive and judicial. These three brances were designed with checks and balances so that each branch can serve as a continuing check on the others. The judicial, I believe, is out of balance.
Phyllis Schlafly, in her book The Supremacists The Tyranny of Judges and How To Stop It, states, "The U.S. Constitution vests "all" legislative powers in the Congress. That means no legislative powers are granted to the courts. Yes, over the past fifty years, judges have become increasingly activist--legislating from the bench, and writing their own policies and attitudes into the law. In the latter half of the twentieth century, some of our most far-reaching social, economic and political decisions have been made by judges rather than by our elected representatives."
ClLICK ON "Judicial Supremacy" above for more on this subject.

September 8, 2008


LET'S PROTECT OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION; please be informed of the important issue of not allowing our Constitution to be amended to allow a non-natural born citizen to become President of our country. Protect the security of our country.

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."
Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution· · · · · " Please read the information below: (provided by

In major national polls, the vast majority of Americans are against Arnold being able to run for President. Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who says he's dreamed of being a dictator, having control of the nuclear launch codes as President.

If you are as concerned as we are about a Schwarzenegger presidency, or any foreigner gaining access to the highest office in the land, then please donate as much as you can to Americans Against Arnold so we can run radio and television ads around the country exposing Arnold and his agenda.

Contact your local media and government representatives and tell them about ArnoldExposed. Tell them that we deserve equal time, as Arnold's political operatives are already campaigning 24/7 to repeal Article 2, Section 5 of the United States Constitution. Fax and email them our press release repeatedly. Tell them how to contact us. Beg them to research the sinister statements of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Please contact your entire email list with the URL (link) for Post the below banners on your website, in the body of emails you send, or on message boards you visit.

Americans have to rise now to defeat this foreign threat to our country.

September 4, 2008

Battle Over Constitutional Theories in the 2008 Elections

Phyllis Schlafly of EagleForum.Org, has helped many become aware of the re-writing of the US Constitution by judges via her book The Supremacists The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It. Phyllis clearly shows us how judges undermind US sovereignty, promote pornography, censor acknowledgment of God, interfer with elections, grow judicial supremacy and more. While visiting EagleForum, I ran across an excellent article regarding constitutional theories by Virginia Armstrong. It is well worth reading. I have started the article here for you.
(However, after you have read the entire article, come back to this site and consider the following:
In the days of sixteenth and seventeenth century Kings, the King wrote the law, interpreted the law and judged the people. His decision was final and unquestionable.
The Reconstructionists want to act very much like a King when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. As I recall, we came to this country to relieve ourselves of the burdens imposed on the people by various European Kings, not the least of which was King George III of England.
All of the lands of the Earth, are already claimed by somebody. So there is no "New World" to escape to. If we want justice, accordingly to the Constitution, we have to adopt the Constitutionalists interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. To adopt the Reconstructionists point of view is the equivalent of returning to the law of the Kings.)


The Battle over Constitutional Theories in the 2008 Elections

By Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D., National Chairman

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court (1902-1932), declared that, "Theory is the most important part of the dogma of the law, as the architect is the most important man who takes part in the building of a house." The theories that Supreme Court justices espouse produce the egregious decisions and doctrines of Reconstructionist cases, including the Roe and Casey decisions which we have been analyzing for several months.

Talking Points
Reconstructionist constitutional theory diametrically opposes Constitutionalist constitutional theory; and we must understand these theories in order to evaluate adequately, not only judicial decisions, but the theories held by candidates in the 2008 elections. Questions of constitutional theories have permeated, not just American law, but American culture in general. Therefore, all patriots need at least a cursory understanding of the opposing constitutional theories in today's Culture War. Three very broad and fundamental issues divide Constitutionalists from Reconstructionists. We shall summarize the three issues and then offer a view of the advocates of each theory concerning these issues.

To continue just click on the highlighted link "Battle Over Constitution...." above.

August 27, 2008


What is our true National Debt?  The clock indicates it is reaching $9 Trillion....don't believe it!  Try $53 Trillion (see the short video clip to the right of this post). The following Press release article by Steve Jordan explains about a movie circulating the country to inform all Americans of how drastic this situtation has become.

In this Disaster Flick, What's Running Red is Federal Budget

By Steve Jordan, World-Herald Staff Writer, August 20, 2008

Pete Peterson's father was a 17-year-old immigrant without a penny or word of English and only a third-grade education when he got a job washing dishes aboard a Union Pacific train in Nebraska.

Peter G. Peterson

George Petropoulos (a name he and a brother Americanized to Peterson) saved his money and eventually opened a Greek diner in Kearney. Central Cafe was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 25 years.

Petropoulos knew only one American song, "God Bless America." When he sang it, tears streamed down his face in gratitude for what he was able to accomplish in the United States.

The elder Peterson believed in making charitable donations, his son said, even if his children didn't have new bicycles or the family a new car. He also invested heavily in his children's education, sending young Peter to Northwestern University.

Today Peter G. Peterson, 82, says his distinguished career in the public and private sectors started with the values his father passed on, including hard work, love of country and a willingness to sacrifice to serve others.

He has committed up to $1 billion to promote a campaign that will take center stage in Omaha on Thursday: reversing the buildup of public debt, correcting the imbalance of foreign trade, improving Americans' savings practices and finding the political will to make tough decisions.

Click on IOUSA THE MOVIAE above for more information.

August 20, 2008

American Civil Liberties Union

hey call themselves, "Guardians Of Freedom" defending and perserving individual rights. But whose rights? As I watch the cases they defend and the effect of the outcome those cases have on Americans, I must question, whose individual rights are they perserving?Here is a statement from its founder, Roger Baldwin (agnostic and socialist)."I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal."

Here is a statement from its founder, Roger Baldwin (agnostic and socialist). "I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal."

Click on the American Civil Liberties Union link above to read more.

August 13, 2008

Protect Marriage Act


This November, California voters will be able to cast their vote for Proposition 8, the Protect Marriage Act.  By voting, Proposition 8 will return a fair vote back to the majority of the people regarding the definition of a marriage and continue to help protect our young children against manditory teaching of "same-sex marriage". Please click on Protect Marriage Act above to learn more about what California family, friends, community and religious leaders are doing to support this important act.

Don't forget to register to vote if you have not done so.  Please be sure to cast your yes vote this upcoming election.

June 30, 2008

Barack H. Obama vs. Dr. James Dobson


he dialogue that has been going on between Obama and James Dobson is VERY important and "We the people" better take note. Mr. Obama does not have his facts straight. Dr. Dobson is not a minister, priest, or theologian nor makes himself out to be. He is a psychologist and founder and chairman of Focus on the Family. Dr. Dobson represents family values, and is a believer in Jesus Christ. He has fought for marriage, the unborn child, children's rights and is concerned about the deterioration of both our moral values and the moral integrity of our country. I have followed Dr. Dobson for over 40 years. I have relied on his knowledge and wisdom to educate myself, improve my marriage and to raise a son.

Mr. Obama does not seem to know his Bible and should not insult the Christian community in pretending to do so. Judge for yourself by reviewing his outrageous comments:

1. Even if we did have only Christians in our midst, if we expelled every non-Christian from the United States of America, whose Christianity would we teach in the schools?

First off, Christians do not want nor would they "expel" anyone. We only want to tell people about Christ and who He is. Secondly, there are no "choices of Christianity" as Obama suggests. It is very clear what Christ believed, taught and what He represents today. Christ did not approve or endorse abortion, homosexual lifestyles or any other sin as mentioned in the Bible. Jesus encouraged those who sinned to give up the sin and sin no more. He encouraged the believer or Christian to love one another but not the sin, which includes not to judge but to discern and not to encourage your fellow man to sin. It is a free country to believe as you may. However, it is not true Christianity unless it follows the complete teachings of Christ as documented in the Bible!

Folks beware, Dr. Dobson does not try to make himself out to be someone he is not. He is very clear in what he believes and why. I do not see that level of character in Mr. Obama.

2. Once again, Obama questions what passage of scripture should guide our public policy? Leviticus, which suggest slavery is ok? Deuteronomy, suggest it is okay to stone a child? Or the Sermon on the Mount?

Mr. Obama really doesn't understand his creator, Christ's relationship to God or what the Bible represents. I am not a theologian, but as a Christian I know there are two testaments. The Old Testament represents the history of creation, God's chosen people, the Jews and the covenant between God and Israel. The New Testament gives us the history of our Savior, Christ, our new covenant between God and his people; believers of Jesus Christ.

As far as the Sermon on the Mount, I suggest Obama start here for his reading. This is the greatest sermon Jesus ever preached. We gain the Lord's Prayer and the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are meant to provide comfort to the believer.

Oh, yes, regarding stoning anyone to death. May I reference John 8:7. Jesus is speaking in respect to the woman caught in adultery. When they persisted in questioning him, He straightened up and said to them, "Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." Christ was not advocating throwing stones. He wanted to make the point that if anyone was without sin that he should throw the first stone. Christ was the only eligible one to throw a stone because He was the only one without sin. However, out of love and foregiveness, He chose not to throw a stone.

Is Senator Obama the type of man we want for our Commander in Chief? One who twists the facts. One who believes one thing but says something else? I should "pray" not.

Please do not hesitate to pass this along to a friend.

June 27, 2008

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S.

Why is it so difficult for some to not see that there was never a "separation of church and state" intended during the pen of the First Amendment. Because some groups of people or organizations say it is so doesn't make it so. History documentation is what should rule.

Let's look at the Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Do you see anything that mentions "separation of church and state"?

It says, Congress shall make no law. It doesn't say established groups either. Now, I am an individual and I should be allowed to express my feelings about my beliefs. If I am not allowed to speak or express my feelings about my beliefs, then that would be "...prohibiting the free exercise thereof." When certain organized individuals or groups tell us what we can or cannot do with our thoughts or expressions, or how we will conduct or carry out those thoughts or expressions, we are being "abridged" upon. There is so much history documented to prove what our Founding Fathers truly felt or intended regarding the First Amendment. Alan Sears, in his book, The ACLU vs. America, states, "What the framers of the Constitution meant when they wrote the First Amendment was only that the federal government-and only federal government's Congress-was to be prohibited from establishing a national church, like the Church of England, or requiring that sectarian policy be forced on an individual state or the federal government. It did not mean that the government could censor public religious expression, deny churches and religious organizations equal access to public facilities, or the church and government could not work together."

I challenge you, Mr. and Mrs. American, to read the documentation of what went into building our Constitution and those individuals behind it (see link and references below), and decide for yourselves on the suspected issue of "separation of church and state." And, while you are at it Mr. and Mrs. American, you may want to read the history of the ACLU's founding authors' beliefs, and intentions. I believe you will find it to be an eye-opener to the power and destruction that has been perpetuated against "We the people..."

Ref: The ACLU vs. America by Alan Sears and Craig Osten.

Alliance Defense Fund

First Amendment, U.S. Constitution;

See Lamb's Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free School Dist., 113 S.CT. 2141 (1993).

May 2, 2008

Discovering Your Family Tree

Hi there, welcome. I just want to share my love for genealogy and the joy I've experience during the discovery of it all. I've identify a few cousins I never knew I had and learned some family history in the making. So, if you want to see how simple and fun it is to build your tree, visit my lens. I would appreciate your comments.
p.s. I would love to visit your family tree. Please share.

April 30, 2008


I am looking for those bloggers who have plugged into affiliates.  If you are blogging and our using an affiliates program, I would loved to know what your experience is.  

I have been evaluating affiliate programs trying to find a few good ones to get established with.  I would like to make this a part-time business.  I will take your pros and cons on any organizations.

April 11, 2008


We sure have come along way!  I know I sure like typing into a little window vs. using a chisel to get my words down.  I just love this thing called "blogging".  It is easy, fast and less messy than an ink fountain.  Not to mention; can you imagine the "tax code" on tablets.  Wow!

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I am a retired grandmother who lost her husband of 42 years in 2010, to cancer. I relocated from Ventura, CA to a community near Salt Lake City, Utah to be with my son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. I am a believer in Jesus our Lord and in the true Sabbath as our worship day. I am learning more and more about what our role is here on Earth as well as what it will be when Yahshua returns. I love crochet, watercolors, and writing. My newest passion is writing poetry. I would love to hear from others who enjoy these crafts; come visit and share your interests.




JULY 4 - Time For Tea

The American people came out on July 4 to protest high taxes and run-a-way government spending. From 11:00 till 2:00 p.m., citizens of Ventura, CA came out to show their support for less taxes and less government interference. As a spectator and one who attended the first Ventura Tea Party, I would say we doubled the turnout of patriots.

All across the country the signs, flags and banners that were carried at the tea parties showed the position that the American people are taking toward its government. They are mad and they are not going to take it anymore!